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Share Capital

Share Capital is the shareholding that every member hold in the Sacco. It is a long-term investment a member puts in the Sacco for higher returns in form of dividends.


  • Minimum monthly contribution of ksh 500.
  • Member has right to enjoy all the Sacco products and services.
  • It earns members dividends.
  • Minimum Share Capital is Ksh. 30,000 per member i.e. 1,500 shares @ Ksh.20.
  • Can be transferred to another member upon termination of membership.
Member Deposits

Long term non-withdrawable savings contributed monthly by the member.Features:


  • Minimum monthly deposit segmented into business. farmers and check off.
  • Higher deposits give a member higher borrowing power.
  • Earn rebates.
  • Non-withdrawable however is refundable upon termination of membership as per the Sacco by-laws.
  • Can be used as security against a loan.
Savings Account

Savings Account makes it easy for members to save and access the savings at any time as the need may arise.


  • Minimum monthly savings of Ksh. 500
  • Minimum account balance of Ksh. 500
  • Minimum balance to earn interest is Ksh. 3,000
  • No ledger fees charged on the account
  • Can be accessed through Mobile banking (M-Chai *645#), (Chai-Pesa *882#)over the counter and ATM card
  • Cash withdrawal can be done at anytime <
  • Used for Salary Processing.
Chai Angels Junior Account

Chai Angel Junior Account has been designed for members’ children below the age of 18 years for the safe keeping of money and saving for the future while enjoying other benefits along the way.


  • Minimum monthly saving is Ksh. 500.
  • Minimum account balance is Ksh. 500
  • Maximum three withdrawals per year
  • 25% discount on bankers’ cheque
  • The account is operated by the guardian
  • Interest paid at 2% above the interest paid on savings.
  • No ledger fees charged on the account.
  • Children given piggy banks for home savings and branded T-shirts.
Chai Premier Holiday Account

Chai Premier Holiday Account has been designed to offer members a savings facility towards a vacation plan.


  • Minimum monthly saving is Ksh. 1,000.
  • Minimum interest earning amount is Ksh. 5,000.
  • Minimum account balance is Ksh. 1,000.
  • One withdrawal per year.
  • Discounted Holiday rates for Sacco members to various destinations across the world.
  • Reduces loan burden on members for purposes of holiday and anniversary celebrations
Fixed Deposit Account

This is an investment account with a higher interest return on money put as fixed deposit.


  • Minimum amount to be fixed is Ksh. 10,000
  • Minimum fixed deposit period is 1 month
  • Competitive interest rates offered to members
  • Any premature withdrawal leads to forfeiture of interest
  • Fixed Deposit certificate issued to the member.
  • Guaranteed returns as per the deposit contract.
Chaifama Savings Account

Chaifama Savings Account is a unique account designed to meet the needs for small scale farmers who receive low monthly proceeds from their farming business. It is suitable for both tea, dairy and horticultural farmers.


  • No minimum account balance is required
  • Free processing of monthly payments of up to Ksh. 200
  • Free over the counter cash withdrawal for amounts up to Ksh 200
  • Minimum monthly share capital contribution of Ksh. 20
  • Registration fee of Ksh. 1,000 paid in monthly instalment of at least Ksh. 85.
  • Account can be accessed through ATM and M-Chai services.
  • Access to Chaifama Loan.
Mapato Account

This is a transactional account tailored made to answer the member financial demands.


  • This is a transactional account.
  • No minimum balance.
  • No monthly charges.
  • The savings can be accessed through mobile banking platforms such as M-chai *645#, Chai pesa *882#, Chai Pesa and Mchai mobile App, ATM card or withdrawal via the counter.
  • Unlimited withdrawals.
  • The account is open to all Chai Sacco members.
  • The account will earn interest and paid at the end of the year as per the board approval, minimal monthly account balance to earn interest ksh 5,000.
Preferential Deposit Account

This account offers a highly competitive return to members, hence money working for you


  • The account is open to all active Sacco members.
  • Assured interest returns of 10.5% per annum.
  • Interest payable at the end of every quarter on a pro-rata basis.
  • The interest is payable to member FOSA account.
  • Interest rate is on pro-rata basis for period member has placed funds.
  • Members can deposit monthly via check off, Chai Sacco M-pesa Pay bill no 544200 or Sacco teller deposits.
  • Members can opt for monthly contributions or lumpsum payments depending on their convenience.
  • No restriction to member entry and placement amount.

saving account

Savings Account makes it easy for members to save and access the savings at any time as the need may arise.

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